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Brand Story

100% Made in Hong Kong
Organic & Natural Skincare

Clean Beauty has been the recent global trend, while JaneClare pledges to provide safe and clean skincare products since 2003 –with no chemical preservatives or any harmful chemicals.


JaneClare was even awarded the "Hong Kong Top Brand" by Hong Kong Brand Development Council in 2018!


Our skincare products can truly bring the best nutrition to the skin, with no burden and any harm.


The First Awarded Made-in-Hong-Kong Skincare Brand

The founder, Miss Angela Lee, was formerly a leading lawyer in Hong Kong. Her passion was to combat the predestine fate of aging looks after reaching age 40. She has tried many different natural ways in attaining beauty. Most surprisingly, she even put cold chicken soup on her face! From her experience, only natural methods cannot achieve the best result. Therefore, she founded JaneClare in 2003, setting up a factory and forming a R&D Team of skin experts from around the world. In corporation of the state-of-the-art medical-grade skin penetration technology and the combination of Chinese and Western herbs and herbal extracts, JaneClare promotes natural, safe, and clean skincare concept. Angela was awarded Honorary Fellow by PVCHK in 2016. She is the first person to be awarded this honour in the Beauty Industry. 

Angela Lee BBS, JP

Founder of JaneClare

Organics Plus – No Synthetic Preservatives & Harmful Chemicals 

JaneClare pledges to avoid using chemical preservatives or any of the harmful chemical ingredients, as listed in the unacceptable and restricted lists of US environmental group EWG. As many of these harmful ingredients are commonly found in most of the products in the skincare market, JC also adopts a uniquely high standard in ingredient selection and purchase.


Apart from growing ingredients locally, the herbal ingredients JaneClare purchases all have to meet the following our “Organics Plus” standard:

The ingredients have to be either:

  1. certified organic; or
  2. certified by a credible third party as “a green herb” which we define to mean a herb without GMO elements; any heavy metal or pesticides do not exceed international standard; and contains nil chemical preservatives; or
  3. covered by a declaration carrying legal liability by the supplier that it is a green herb. 

Legal Declaration to Prove Safety & Exclusive Formula to Guarantee 3-year Shelf Life

Angela, the founder, knows well the validity of Legal Declaration, but she still made a legally valid declaration and asked the head of R&D Department to do the same, which show how strict JaneClare's requirements for product ingredients are. The two statements separately stated:

  1. Most products do not contain ingredients that affect pregnant women and fetuses according to the recommendations of Hong Kong registered Western medical & TCM practitioner.
  2. All product ingredients follow EWG strict guidelines and do not contain harmful chemical ingredients.


All products have NO chemical preservatives, and only includes Green TCM and natural herbs. The Proprietary Green Preservation System keeps products fresh for 3+ years. JaneClare skincare products are natural and safe. Some products can help patients with eczema improve their problems. There are also a series of products suitable for pregnant women.

Do not contain ingredients that affect pregnant women and fetuses

Follow EWG strict guidelines &
Do not contain harmful chemical ingredients

Billions of Investment to Establish GMP Factory & R&D Team in Hong Kong

JaneClare is one of the few brands in Hong Kong that is willing to invest a lot of money, resources and time in the research and development of skincare products. Its own R&D team brings together internationally renowned dermatologists, such as USA Dermatology Professor, who formerly was US White House Science Advisor, R&D Specialist, who participated in R&D projects of McGill University and Merck & Co, and Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

They have combined Chinese and Western herbs and herbal extracts with the state-of-the-art skin penetration technology to create high quality and efficacious skincare products. Through the compound of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the principle of balancing the five elements, the product produces industry-leading beautifying effects while maintaining the health of the body.

Besides, JaneClare sets up its own GMP certified production plant in San Po Kong, Hong Kong. It adopts advanced production equipment, including “Ultra-Pure Water Dual Filtering System”, “Joyful Music Treatment”, etc. From product development and experiment to manufacturing, production and packaging, JaneClare skincare products are 100% made in Hong Kong. 

Ancient Royal Skin Remedies + Skin Penetration Technology = Outstanding Performance

JaneClare's logo perfectly expresses the concept of combining Western and Eastern elements. The two characters JC are composed of Chinese Calligraphy’s brush strokes, representing the Chinese; the Latin alphabet represents the West, which as a whole expresses that the product is a fusion of Chinese and Western, which is more outstanding than other more paranoid development directions.


“Reborn Power Cream”, JaneClare’s flagship product, has been Angela’s go-to product for the past fifteen years and Angela can vouch for its efficacy in turning the clock back.

This anti-wrinkle Cream adopted the beauty formulation from a famous royal concubine of the ancient Chinese emperor 唐玄宗 (XuanZhong), 楊貴妃 (Yang Guifei). JaneClare further refined the formulation, recasting it with our skin penetration technology.

 It has clinically proven that our cream can reduce 78% wrinkles in 4 weeks of continuous use. The result has been accepted and presented in the 18th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine.

JaneClare’s “Blueberry Revital Firming Mask” is another most powerful products. In an antioxidant contents test independently performed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, this mask came first over the masks of all other internationally renowned brands in the test, with the highest margin reaching over 70%.

The molecular fibre of the bio cellulose mask of this product is finer than that of a regular mask by well over 100x, and freshly squeezed organic blueberries juice is used in the creation of the mask.

Its moisturising and firming effects make a visible difference that using a mask for three consecutive nights has been acknowledged as the best preparation for a big day, no matter how important. This mask is a favourite among many makeup artists in Hong Kong. Of course, for some people, every day is a big day, and they cannot go without this star product!

The Proprietary Skin Penetration Technology to Maximize Product Efficacy

In order for desired efficacy, nutrients must reach the different levels of the deepest levels of the skin. Why are JaneClare skincare products so powerful and efficacious? That’s because of the WOW Skin Penetration Technology. This “Water-in-Oil-in-Water” technology used by the biggest international pharmaceutical companies utilises many synthetic ingredients. JaneClare has developed its proprietary technology that successfully segregates the ingredients of a product by their respective water-in-oil-in-water together with the appropriate natural vehicles to correlate with the skin structure for optimal performance.


The three-level structure of the product molecules can be seen under an electronic microscope, even though this proprietary product molecule structuring is not evident to the naked eye.

Set up “JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory” at HKBU

JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory was set up at the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University in November 2017. This provides strong academic and technological support to JaneClare with advanced researchers and lab equipment.

Won Honors in over 15 years

JaneClare has been established for more than fifteen years and has won many honors:

  • The world's first skincare product using Ecocert certified organic Chinese herbs as raw materials
  • Received "The Most Trusted Skincare Brand Award" by the international media Mediazone in 2015
  • Awarded as "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies 2016" by Mediazone
  • The first international skincare factory featured in the Discovery Channel of CCTV of mainland China in 2018
  • Invited to include the company in the "2018 Yearbook of the People's Republic of China" by the National Xinhua News Agency and listed as one of the outstanding enterprises
  • Awarded “Hong Kong Top Brand” by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council in 2018