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100% Made In Hong Kong Organic Skincare

Our Story

『Love, No Fear』


We strive to provide our clients with worry-free products

To cheer their hearts,

And to offer them tender care and recognition.

Not only our consumers may use products with no fear,

But the Earth will suffer less pressure and pollution.

How we started

Right from its birth in 2003, JaneClare has set as its motto, the production of Clean Beauty at the highest safety and harm-free standards, using nil harmful chemicals while delivering high efficacies.


Our founder Ms. Angela Lee, was a successful partner at an international law firm.  She set up the group with her brother-in-law, a medical doctor, hiring an R&D team of international experts, including a US renowned dermatology professor, a key researcher of a project on skin penetration technology for the biggest North American pharmaceutical company, a cosmetic technology professor from Taiwan and two Hong Kong Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Since 2017, a JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory has been set up in the School of Chinese Medicine of the Baptist University in Hong Kong.


With a strong team of experts, the group has developed complete lines of efficacious skincare products using organic and green TCM and other fine herbal ingredients formulated to meet the highest standards for clean beauty, using nil harmful chemicals. As certification of these adopted standards in the JaneClare products, Angela and a key R&D officer have each made a statutory declaration in support.

Our insistence on producing only clean beauty products

EWG Unacceptable List | Click the picture for more


Ingredients selection:

We have very strict ingredients selection criteria. Apart from using locally grown herbs in Hong Kong, herbal ingredients purchased from broad must meet the following JaneClare Organics principles :  

1. Certified Organic; or

2. Certification backed up with written legally binding declarations by ingredient suppliers that the ingredient concerned is a “green TCM”, defined to mean traditional Chinese medicinal herbs that contain no genetically modified elements; no unlawful heavy metal or pesticide residues; and no artificial preservatives.

According to the definitions of the US Environmental Working Group (EWG) , there are over 4000 harmful chemicals that are commonly used by 99% of the skincare and cosmetic products in the world. We are firm in our resolve to avoid all of these harmful chemicals.

Only when we strictly adhere to the natural and harm-free principles that we could be sure that we do not harm our skin or the Earth.




We are serioud in our six undertakings as follows:

Our products contain:

No chemical preservatives;

No harmful chemicals**

No GMO elements;

No mineral oils;

No chemical fluorescent;

No phthalates;

**Ref the Restricted List (11/10/16) and Unacceptable List (5/15/17)  of harmful Ingredients of EWG. 




Advanced technologies in our products:

JaneClare is among a handful of Hong Kong companies that are prepared to invest substantial money, resources and time in their brand. JaneClare is developed by a team of in-house R&D technolofy, dermatology and formulation international experts, including a dermatology professor who was also a formerUSWhite House Science Advisor, a key researcher of a skin penetration technology project for Merck& Co. and McGill University and renowned Registered TCM practitioners   as well as PhD graduates of biomedical engineering. We have also set up a JaneClare transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory at the School of Chinese Medicine of the Baptist University. 






Our production facilities:

We have established asceptic production facilities that are GMP certified in Hong Kong. We use advanced quality production facilities including Ultra pure water and fractal water production facilities together with our unique Joyful Music treatment etc. From product development, product testing, production and packaging, all processes take place 100% in Hong Kong. 






Why should you trust us



As an experienced lawyer, Angela fully understands the legal implications of making a statutory declaration. Against this background, she as well as the head of the JaneClare R&D department have made two statutory declarations to confirm :

1/ Specified products do not contain any ingredients that are considered not appropriate for pregnant ladies and their fetus;

2/ All products are compliant with the strict EWG standards and do not contain any harmful chemicals.


All products do not contain any chemical preservatives and use only green TCM and natural herbs and they are natural, safe and compliant with the highest standards. Some products have been reported to be eczema skin friendly. There is also a line of products suitable for use by pregnant ladies. 



- Founder‘s message -

Because of you.…
our commitment to quality continues. 
As the gentle evening breeze softly caresses a shimmering surface of the lake,
I feel a deep profound sense of gratitude.
Even as the days turn to nights, I feel the stillness in the sounds of my surroundings.
With loving care and tenderness for yourself,
your soft and silky hands smoothing out the patches left by time.
All thanks to you, our strive for excellence prevails.

As the leading skin specialists proclaim,
our products with pure formulations are proven and effective.
This success is not achieved in isolation,
by your hands, and by ours.
Collaboration with top Chinese medicine schools and leading research institutions,
we've been persistent
and remain dedicated to our goals.

Our Brand began,
smaller than a grain of rice, wider than the sky.
Our Skincare,
strong but not sharp, gentle but not fragile.
Our Formulas,
decades of dedicated enhancement.
Our Ingredients,
refining generations of herbs and plants.

Into a gentle breeze, into a fine raindrop.
Revealing the unseen as now seen.
A treasured but silent companion,
far-reaching but unburdened.

Love, No Fear