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We Promise

Organics Plus – No Synthetic Preservatives & Harmful Chemicals 

JaneClare pledges to avoid using chemical preservatives or any of the harmful chemical ingredients, as listed in the unacceptable and restricted lists of US environmental group EWG. As many of these harmful ingredients are commonly found in most of the products in the skincare market, JC also adopts a uniquely high standard in ingredient selection and purchase.


Apart from growing ingredients locally, the herbal ingredients JaneClare purchases all have to meet the following our “Organics Plus” standard:

The ingredients have to be either:

  1. certified organic; or
  2. certified by a credible third party as “a green herb” which we define to mean a herb without GMO elements; any heavy metal or pesticides do not exceed international standard; and contains nil chemical preservatives; or
  3. covered by a declaration carrying legal liability by the supplier that it is a green herb. 

Legal Declaration to Prove Safety & Exclusive Formula to Guarantee 3-year Shelf Life

Angela, the founder, knows well the validity of Legal Declaration, but she still made a legally valid declaration and asked the head of R&D Department to do the same, which show how strict JaneClare's requirements for product ingredients are. The two statements separately stated:

  1. Most products do not contain ingredients that affect pregnant women and fetuses according to the recommendations of Hong Kong registered Western medical & TCM practitioner.
  2. All product ingredients follow EWG strict guidelines and do not contain harmful chemical ingredients.


All products have NO chemical preservatives, and only includes Green TCM and natural herbs. The Proprietary Green Preservation System keeps products fresh for 3+ years. JaneClare skincare products are natural and safe. Some products can help patients with eczema improve their problems. There are also a series of products suitable for pregnant women.

Do not contain ingredients that affect pregnant women and fetuses

Follow EWG strict guidelines &
Do not contain harmful chemical ingredients

Avoid Any of the Below Harmful Chemicals

Women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies daily. A handful of the most commonly found hazardous chemicals have been identified*.
*Source : EWG Research : “Exposures add up - Survey results”

Please be sure to read the ingredient labels of your skincare products, to avoid any of the below more significant harmful chemcials:

Certifications for Our Organic Raw Materials