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WOW Skin Penetration Technology



The skin can be roughly divided into three layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The nutrients of skincare products must penetrate all layers of the skin to the dermis for the best results.


However, the penetration of general skincare products is not enough to penetrate through dermis (where collagen, wrinkles, and melanin are produced. Some nano-level products have limited penetration, or contains chemical carriers which are more harmful than beneficial to the skin.Then, how to maximize the efficacious of skincare products? In fact, there are three main methods for skin absorption, among which various layers of the skin transfer small molecules that are hydrophilic (water-friendly) or lipophilic (oil-friendly).



However the WOW technology is both expensive and difficult to apply to skincare products and it production of the products takes much longer. As a result, application of WOW technology is hardly found in any skincare products in the market. To achieve the highest effectiveness of our products, we have overcome all the challenges and successfully incorporate the WOW technology into our products.


The WOW structure of JaneClare products can be clearly seen under a powerful electronic microscope.