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COVID-19 Skincare Saviours

▫Extra-comfort non-foaming formula
▫Hydrates skin without drying 
▫Helps inhibit bacteria and improve skin inflammation
▫Convenient to use with the spray design
▫Hyaluronic Acid & Pro Vitamin B5 hydrate skin
▫Soothes allergy and prevents acne 

Improve Mask-ne

▫Relieves, repairs and treats acne & speeds up healing time
▫Prevents future acne
▫Controls excess oil secretion
▫All-natural herbal formula
▫Quickly combats acne & improves inflammation
▫Deep hydrates & locks-in moisture
▫Boosts collegen

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70% sucrose alcohol (ethanol)
✔ Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
✔ Evaporates fast
✔ Does not damage the skin

Generally used alcohol (isopropanol) 
✘ Evaporates slow
✘ Drys skin easily
✘ Causes bacterial invasion and skin sensitivity

Beta Glucan
✔ Forms a protective barrier on the skin surface
✔ Resists the invasion of bacteria and viruses
✔ Promotse the growth of skin probiotics
✔ Promotes skin wound healing
✔ Intensive moisturizing, preventing dryness

Various natural moisturizing ingredients
• Tea tree oil: soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing
​• Sesame oil: extremely moisturizing and anti-fungal
​• Glycerin: forms a water-locking protective film, strong moisturizing
​• Olive oil: prevents skin from aging and chapped
​• Vitamin E: promotes rapid skin repair
​• Urea: improves crusty and cracked hands
​• Jasmine Oil: improves dry and sensitive skin