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We regret to inform you that as some of the family members of our responsible staff on duty at our JaneClare shop at Facess Admiralty have been tested positive with the virus, for safety, that shop will be closed with immediate effect and during March unless we notify otherwise. We will thoroughly clean the area. Should our members have shopping or other needs for services, please kindly call our hotline on 31738269 or 93589883. Thank you for your kind attention.

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Covid-19 Skincare Saviours

100% Made in Hong Kong
Organic & Natural Skincare

Clean Beauty has been the recent global trend, while JaneClare pledges to provide safe and clean skincare products since 2003 – with no chemical preservatives or any harmful chemicals.

Top Sellers

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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe Skincare

Your skin goes through changes during pregnancy
while you are worrying some skincare ingredients may harm your baby.

You will have no worries using JaneClare, 
as we have a series of safe skincare products that meet the medical standards recommended by registered doctor and TCM practitioner.

Choose the best for your baby and yourself!

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Our Promise

JaneClare skincare products avoid using chemical preservatives or any of the harmful chemical ingredients, 
as listed in the unacceptable and restricted lists of US environmental group EWG.

We also adopt a uniquely high standard in ingredient selection and purchase,
to meet our "Organics Plus" standard.

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No Chemical Preservatives

No Harmful Chemicals*

No GMO Elements

No Mineral Oils

No Synthetic Fluorescent Agents

Green TCM**

Pregnancy Friendly^

GMP DW Certification

*cf EWG Restricted List (11/10/16) & Unacceptable List (5/15/17) of Harmful Chemicals
**Tradictional Chinese Medicinal Herbs without any Heavy Metals or PEsticide Residues
^Subject to individual product's description

Media Presence


Awarded "Hong Kong Top Brand"

JaneClare was awarded the "Hong Kong Top Brand" by Hong Kong Brand Development Council in 2018.

Under professional assessment and evaluation, in terms of popularity, business characteristics, innovative ideas, quality, image, environmental protection and social responsibility, his is a huge recognition of JaneClare's efforts.